Saturday, November 16, 2013

Poem: Horizon

you were the Sun -
all fire and heat and
glorious warmth

And I,
the bashful sky
blushing scarlet
as you rose.

you were the waves,
battling the deep sea's pull
in pursuit of me -

Me -
the stretch of sand
eternally yearning
for your return, your salty kiss.

you were the breeze
carrying whispered nothings,
murmurs and sighs

And I,
the adoring cloud
drifting along with you,
for you.

"once" is a day
that ends now -

that I see:

You are only the horizon -
A line
that I believed was
the end of my world;
A line that never was.

Written during the Chevayur sub-district school youth festival, for the English versification contest. This was probably the most agonizing poem to write, and the stipulated time period the longest two hours of my life. Couldn't see a better direction towards which I could steer the poem, couldn't find the right words...