Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movie Review - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

My vocabulary is inadequate if I have to put in words what I feel after watching this movie... so I settle for "leaves one speechless."

The world requires no introduction to the Harry Potter series, and the whole story is so intricate that a short recap is a gross injustice to it. So I won't bother with giving a rundown of what happened so far, but cut to the essentials: HP7 Part 2 is the climax of the whole series, the grand finale. But unlike its predecessor, Part 1, which went on a slow pace, this movie has got ALL the action. Of course it should, seeing as it portrays a war that can equal the Gods vs. Titans War (Greek myth).

Adapting books into movies is never an easy task, especially if the books in question have complexly woven plots and a vast fan following. The endeavour becomes even harder when the book is the last in the series, as expectations skyrocket to unprecedented levels.

And it seems that the cast and the crew were determined to give a nothing-less-than-the-best farewell, and give they did. Even Dan Radcliffe, who has been less than stellar on more than one occasion, essayed the role of Harry with panache, as did Rupert Grint and Emma Watson in their roles as Ron and Hermione respectively. The rest of the crew (the list is too long) did their jobs brilliantly, but  Alan Rickman's performance as Snape was a standout - stunning, but touching as well.

The movie was also a testimony to the brilliance of David Yates' direction. Plus, kudos to Steve Kloves and JKR for retaining the essence of the book, even with all the deleted and extra scenes, and for some spectacularly funny dialogues. My personal favourites include Ron's "That's my girlfriend, you numpties!" and Neville's "You and whose army?" As dark as it was, Part 2 had its lighthearted moments.  Oh, and the much-awaited epilogue was cute and sweet - I loved the elder versions of the Golden Trio and Ginny, and the kids as well. And Alexander Desplat's score just made things better.

But it's the effects that made the movie what it was. The only HP movie in 3D, and it was more than worth the money. The special effects were damn superb - the statues coming alive, the protection spells for Hogwarts, and more - without them, the film would have been nowhere.

The slight disappointment was the final battle between Harry and Voldemort which, in my opinion, should have been depicted as in the books, with the great hall and the humongous audience. But the sheer magnificence of the rest of the movie eclipses the teeny letdown.

I'd like to say more - I feel like I could never stop - but I think I should end it here. The last and final installment in the phenomenal Harry Potter series - or to be specific, movies - is a fitting tribute to the wonderful success of the books. It makes you laugh and cry, feel full yet empty, all at once. It's gripping, it's epic, it's breath-taking... it's pure magic; you have to experience it for yourself.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Au Revoirs, Harry Potter...

The Last Ever Harry Potter Movie...and the last chance for fans to savour the series... (The books and CDs are still in the shelves, but you get my drift.)

I just can't believe it - it doesn't seem too long ago when I took up the HP books and felt their magic. And quite obviously, fell for it. Hard. Real hard, maybe the hardest in all of Calicut city. And if not an exaggeration, in the whole world. The books were so spellbinding, so captivating, that I wondered whether it was possible to fall in love with a series of books... did J.K Rowling smear Amortentia on the pages? (Non-HP readers, this post is not for you!)

Whatever. The movies were just escape routes to prolong the HP Experience, and die-hard fans like me gladly accepted. Some of them were downright dumb (Ugh. Order of the Phoenix was horrible), but HP7 Part 1 was great. And Part 2 (OMG, it releases tomorrow!) posters and trailers promise a very, very, very epic grand finale.

HP rules, and no one else can - not even the stupid Twilight movies (the books are okay)! Even after decades, HP will remain in the hearts of the fans, young and old, because it's not everyday you come across such -insert some synonyms for awesome- masterpieces. The Harry Potter series is a modern classic, and no one can contest this.

P.S. And I've officially run out of positive adjectives.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flash News - Part 2

Thanks to the amazing chemistry between me and my BFF Malu, our team won the third place at the South Zone Chemistry Quiz at Bangalore!

Considering the higher-than-we-expected standard of the questions, and too-brilliant rivals, third position is just AWESOME! I can't deny that I am a teeny bit disappointed that I won't get to go to Kolkata for the national level, but then, you can't win always, can you? Win or lose, my quizzing experiences are ones I will always cherish. They gave me a lot of knowledge, instilled in me something that I sorely lacked - a sportsman spirit! But above all, they gave me my best friend. (Long story....)

Now my only prayer is that I don't end up writing the formula of valeric acid, the ores of various metals etc. etc. for my Maths exam on Monday! :D

Here's my BFF's take on our win: