Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flash News!

Started my quizzing year with a fab success!

My team (consisting of me and my BFF Malu) was placed Second in the state-level quiz on Chemistry conducted by the Regional Science Centre and Planetarium, Calicut! Our next destination: Bangalore! where we'll attend the zonal level of the quiz, to be held on July 7th, at Visvesvaraya Museum. I really hope we can grab the first place there and be off to Kolkata for the national level.

Your prayers and support, please! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poem: The Colour Green

I searched;
Searched everywhere for
The colour Green.
I searched up and down,
Left and right, far and wide;
But it was nowhere to be seen.

I searched;
And saw many colours - dusty brown,
Plastic white, grey of smoke.
I searched and saw a
Thousand colours, but not Green;
My heart broke.

I searched;
And saw black waters, skies
Of a polluted blue.
I searched and saw a
Million shades, but not one of Green;
And my sadness grew.

I searched;
And saw the wilted red roses,
The dull yellow sun.
I searched and saw a
Myriad of colours, but not Green;
I had forced it to run.

Written on the occasion of World Environment Day...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New School Year Begins... Officially!

Well, it began yesterday, but I couldn't get time to post. So here I am, just another student in class X A, Presentation HSS. There was a big hungama over 10th standard students being shuffled (put into other divisions); the first ever policy of our new HM. We weren't pleased, of course, this being our last year, but couldn't do much. Got to adjust...

Today was the first proper morning prayer session of this school year, and our class did the honours. I said the thought for the day. Classes resumed normally, and it's back to my books once again. Maths is starting to freak me out a little :(

And my History teacher has threatened to conduct a test tomorrow, so have to go and study... be back soon with more posts!