Sunday, June 5, 2011

Poem: The Colour Green

I searched;
Searched everywhere for
The colour Green.
I searched up and down,
Left and right, far and wide;
But it was nowhere to be seen.

I searched;
And saw many colours - dusty brown,
Plastic white, grey of smoke.
I searched and saw a
Thousand colours, but not Green;
My heart broke.

I searched;
And saw black waters, skies
Of a polluted blue.
I searched and saw a
Million shades, but not one of Green;
And my sadness grew.

I searched;
And saw the wilted red roses,
The dull yellow sun.
I searched and saw a
Myriad of colours, but not Green;
I had forced it to run.

Written on the occasion of World Environment Day...


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