Saturday, October 22, 2011

What A Week! (aka My Crazy Theories)

Misfortune seldom comes alone... and neither does fortune. Either you get a windfall of happiness/peace/luck etc. etc. or you don't get them at all. This week proved my theory.

After our self-imposed hiatus on extracurricular activities (quizzing) was resolved with the school-level prelims of the Aqua Regia science quiz organized by T.I.M.E, Malavika and I won the Third Place in the City Finals of the quiz on Wednesday, with a cash award of Rs. 500 each!

And today (22/10/11) we took part in Samasya, an inter-school quiz which was organized as a part of Tathva '11 - a three day long expo held annually at NIT-C - and won the Second Place and Rs. 500 (again...)

I also found out that Newton's Third Law of Motion - for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction - applies in life as well.  You just have to slightly modify it by replacing action with event/situation. And the proof: after a wonderful week of victories, up ahead is a hectic week of EXAMS! :(

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poem: The Popular Girls

Every (girls) school has at least one clique, the members of which are shallow, but also the most popular. Typically, one of their main hobbies is to bully the radically different, plain, down-to-earth girls. 
This poem is dedicated to such victimized girls - the girls who are NOT materialistic airheads. The girls who believe that makeup doesn't define their lives. The girls who are branded "dorks" and "nerds" because they care about their grades and their future, not the latest fashion trends. The girls who won't stay on the ground whenever they are knocked down. The REAL girls.  

The popular girls call me a geek
Because I spend time reading books
And not gossiping about boys.
Pardon me, haters of crazy, freak
Girls; I have better pastimes than playing with boy-toys.

The popular girls call me uncool
Because I don’t like makeup;
They say, “She’s so gross!”
Forgive me, queens of the school,
But my life’s not centred on lip-gloss.

The popular girls call me a tramp
Because I have glasses and braces
And don’t wear designer jeans of size zero.
Pardon me, rulers of the ramp,
But I scorn the diet regime of that hero.

The popular girls call me harsh words
Because I’m "a total loser"
Who dares to weave big dreams.
Forgive me, wielders of verbal swords, 
But I’ll persist even if you rip them at the seams.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Milestone for My Li'l World

My Li'l World gets FIVE HUNDRED pageviews, as on October 2! A big hug to every single person, follower or not, who has visited my blog and put up with my creations and crazy thoughts! Without your encouragement, this endeavour of mine would be nowhere... thank you so much!

Gotta Love the Internet...

Okay, probably this is a late realization for somebody who's been been using the Net for around 5 years. But only yesterday did I really comprehend how AWESOME it is - when I placed an order for 3 storybooks online. The story behind my "enlightenment" goes thus:

I've been wanting to complete my Percy Jackson series ever since I bought the first book - The Lightning Thief - and I recently purchased the fourth book from Reliance Timeout during the class trip to Bangalore (yeah, I know, so "nerdy" of me... but that's typical Zainab behaviour for you!) But the fifth and the last book was not in stock, and neither was the first book in the sequel series. The salesman assured me that the books would arrive soon, but unfortunately I wouldn't be in B'lore and we don't have Timeout in Calicut. All we have is a stupid TBS that's ALWAYS late to catch up on reading trends.

I'd already heard about Amazon, but my dad vetoed the proposal I'd hesitantly put forth - buy books online. He said we'd have to use credit cards... and that it wasn't 100% safe and secure. I was disgruntled, but nevertheless put away the idea from my mind. It came to nag me often, however. There's nothing more rankling than an incomplete collection of books, at least for me.

So one fine day in October, my BFF decided to tell me about and I flipped as I heard about it. It's a service similar to Amazon, but is available only in India. And they have a cash-on-delivery option!! I even got treated to a whole history lecture about how 2 employees (Sachin-somebody and Binny-somebody... gee, I sound like Rachel from the Percy Jackson series) resigned from Amazon and established the company.

Anyhow, that night I persuaded my parents to place an order for the books in Flipkart. They fell hook, line and sinker for the amazing discounts (up to 35%) and the payment-on-delivery option.... and the rest is history. Just four easy steps... and voila! An order for 3 books placed and to be delivered within 3 days! Yippee! Thank you, Flipkart, I owe my happiness to you!

And the bottom line is: Internet Rules! :D