Saturday, October 22, 2011

What A Week! (aka My Crazy Theories)

Misfortune seldom comes alone... and neither does fortune. Either you get a windfall of happiness/peace/luck etc. etc. or you don't get them at all. This week proved my theory.

After our self-imposed hiatus on extracurricular activities (quizzing) was resolved with the school-level prelims of the Aqua Regia science quiz organized by T.I.M.E, Malavika and I won the Third Place in the City Finals of the quiz on Wednesday, with a cash award of Rs. 500 each!

And today (22/10/11) we took part in Samasya, an inter-school quiz which was organized as a part of Tathva '11 - a three day long expo held annually at NIT-C - and won the Second Place and Rs. 500 (again...)

I also found out that Newton's Third Law of Motion - for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction - applies in life as well.  You just have to slightly modify it by replacing action with event/situation. And the proof: after a wonderful week of victories, up ahead is a hectic week of EXAMS! :(

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  1. Good achievement. Keep it up. And go to higher levels.
    Aslam Sherule's friend