Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poem: The Popular Girls

Every (girls) school has at least one clique, the members of which are shallow, but also the most popular. Typically, one of their main hobbies is to bully the radically different, plain, down-to-earth girls. 
This poem is dedicated to such victimized girls - the girls who are NOT materialistic airheads. The girls who believe that makeup doesn't define their lives. The girls who are branded "dorks" and "nerds" because they care about their grades and their future, not the latest fashion trends. The girls who won't stay on the ground whenever they are knocked down. The REAL girls.  

The popular girls call me a geek
Because I spend time reading books
And not gossiping about boys.
Pardon me, haters of crazy, freak
Girls; I have better pastimes than playing with boy-toys.

The popular girls call me uncool
Because I don’t like makeup;
They say, “She’s so gross!”
Forgive me, queens of the school,
But my life’s not centred on lip-gloss.

The popular girls call me a tramp
Because I have glasses and braces
And don’t wear designer jeans of size zero.
Pardon me, rulers of the ramp,
But I scorn the diet regime of that hero.

The popular girls call me harsh words
Because I’m "a total loser"
Who dares to weave big dreams.
Forgive me, wielders of verbal swords, 
But I’ll persist even if you rip them at the seams.


  1. do I sense "never say never" in the intro? ;)
    But, good work..

  2. good work Zainab UFO :)