Friday, July 8, 2011

Flash News - Part 2

Thanks to the amazing chemistry between me and my BFF Malu, our team won the third place at the South Zone Chemistry Quiz at Bangalore!

Considering the higher-than-we-expected standard of the questions, and too-brilliant rivals, third position is just AWESOME! I can't deny that I am a teeny bit disappointed that I won't get to go to Kolkata for the national level, but then, you can't win always, can you? Win or lose, my quizzing experiences are ones I will always cherish. They gave me a lot of knowledge, instilled in me something that I sorely lacked - a sportsman spirit! But above all, they gave me my best friend. (Long story....)

Now my only prayer is that I don't end up writing the formula of valeric acid, the ores of various metals etc. etc. for my Maths exam on Monday! :D

Here's my BFF's take on our win:


  1. Zainab Mol,
    Congratulations! Well done. I am proud of you both.

    Keep up the camaraderie as well. Good friendship is a great gift from God to cherish and nourish. I have been fortunate to have excellent friends, who were excellent academically and character-wise and among the finest that I have come across.

    Aslam Mama

  2. Zainab ,
    That's one great achievement!!!Next target is national level,Insha Allah you can do it!
    Is your BFF always glued to the book? (like you:p)
    One humble suggestion from my side. instead of writing formula of elements like metal why don't you do some practical in the formulas of some compounds like dosa, idli etc. your mum will really feel happy abt it :p