Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Au Revoirs, Harry Potter...

The Last Ever Harry Potter Movie...and the last chance for fans to savour the series... (The books and CDs are still in the shelves, but you get my drift.)

I just can't believe it - it doesn't seem too long ago when I took up the HP books and felt their magic. And quite obviously, fell for it. Hard. Real hard, maybe the hardest in all of Calicut city. And if not an exaggeration, in the whole world. The books were so spellbinding, so captivating, that I wondered whether it was possible to fall in love with a series of books... did J.K Rowling smear Amortentia on the pages? (Non-HP readers, this post is not for you!)

Whatever. The movies were just escape routes to prolong the HP Experience, and die-hard fans like me gladly accepted. Some of them were downright dumb (Ugh. Order of the Phoenix was horrible), but HP7 Part 1 was great. And Part 2 (OMG, it releases tomorrow!) posters and trailers promise a very, very, very epic grand finale.

HP rules, and no one else can - not even the stupid Twilight movies (the books are okay)! Even after decades, HP will remain in the hearts of the fans, young and old, because it's not everyday you come across such -insert some synonyms for awesome- masterpieces. The Harry Potter series is a modern classic, and no one can contest this.

P.S. And I've officially run out of positive adjectives.


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