Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Want A Spell To Speed Up Time

Phew. I somehow managed to survive the torture of the past week. The government suddenly reinstated the Term Exams, and the school conducted it along with regular class. It was horribly stressful, and I had to pull some all-nighters the previous weekend to complete my revision. I really should have listened to my mom and kept track of my studies, but as always, I don't appreciate adults' advice until its late. There's a proverb in Malayalam, which goes: മൂത്തവര്‍ ചൊല്ലും മുതുനെല്ലിക്ക ആദ്യം കയ്ക്കും പിന്നെ മധുരിക്കും. The essence of the saying is that advice from grown-ups is always bitter at first, and sweet later. Oh, it sure is.

But now I'm waiting for this weekend to get over. Shocker, isn't it? But anybody would wish so, if they had an fun-filled, action-packed week to anticipate. First there's Eid, which probably will fall on 30th or 31st. Then at school, we have the Onam and Teacher's Day Celebrations on 1st of September.

But 1st September is even more important because that's the day all of us (read: Std. X students and staff) are leaving for our final school tour! To BANGALORE! Not that I haven't visited the city - it's practically my third hometown - but it'll be awesome to visit with my friends. The train ride to and from B'lore, with no parents to stop you from singing at the top of your voice, is going to be delightful..... We're planning to visit Innovative Film City, Lalbagh, VITM (ah... good old memories) and of course, go shopping, every girl's favourite activity! :D

And September 1st, hurry up please!


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