Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My First Haiku: Oyster

Grains of sand
Become ethereal pearls
In her magical touch

A tribute to every teacher who has taught me so far, for dedicating their lives to making better people out of ignorant kids (like me.)

Haiku is a Japanese poetic form consisting of seventeen syllables in the order 5-7-5. However, Wikipedia claims "English haiku do not adhere to the strict syllable count found in Japanese haiku, and the typical length of haiku appearing in the main English-language journals is 10–14 syllables." And not one to stick to rules, especially when they've been circumvented, I came up with this.

Technically, this isn't my very first haiku. That one was included in a collection of haiku - yet another tribute which is long overdue.... I'll be putting it up soon. Expect more haiku coming your way this month! But do keep in mind that I'm a complete novice and I have a LOT to learn when it comes to form poetry.


  1. One word - Apollo :D *laughs* *laughs* *laughs* n I can imagine you doing the same ;)

  2. n one more point Zainab, this stuff is really cool but generally speaking,a teacher doesn't always necessarily be a "her" :)

    1. *Giggling* I was thinking about Apollo as well! :D And yeah, I know, but I was thinking of a few specific teachers and they were all "her"s. :)

  3. Awesome haiku!....I liked her touch!