Friday, November 30, 2012

Poem: Silence

I am taught:
Silence is golden

Let the
safe-keepers of democracy
extort, loot, plunder
Let their nexus
with the blue-blooded,
deprive the "mango people"

After all, this is a banana republic!

So here I am
Bribed into silence.

I am taught:
Silence is golden

Let the
sadists and rapists
rip, tear, kill
Let their lewd mouths
Lusting gazes
Lecherous hands
Prey upon every woman

After all, wolves have insatiable appetites!

So here I am
Gagged into silence.

I am taught:
Silence is golden

Let the
ravage, decimate, annihilate
Let them sow mistrust
and harvest innocent blood
Let them impose their
unholy silence over the Holy Land

After all, they are the "Chosen Ones"!

So here I am
Deceived into silence.

A silence that corrupts,
Corrals me into guilt.

And now I learn:
Silence is only golden
Not gold.


  1. All students should be teachers.
    One voice can make a difference, just as one small act of kindness can tip the scale of karma.
    So I would like to hope.

    Continued success in your studies. They should be your priority. For there is another saying;
    "Knowledge is power!"

    1. That was thoughtful, to say the least. Thank you for expressing your thoughts!

  2. Its like something that was ringing in my head and I just saw the reflection of my thoughts in really makes me wonder that is silence still golden, esp at present circumstances? And when you see the big picture, and though they say it all starts with a small act that can make a big difference, does one small difference make any difference at all? I really doubt it..

    1. I'm glad my poem could make you think twice! We've been conditioned to be silent and mind our own business, but I think that what has to be shouted must be shouted. Otherwise, we become guilty by association of the crimes we keep quiet about.

      One small act may not change everything, but it does have the power to initiate a change. Or at least, that's what I hope...