Thursday, July 18, 2013

Poem: Mirage

in this infinite ocean
of scorching sand

now mere vapour
in this hellish furnace

by oblivion's Siren-song;
ready to collapse
into her waiting arms

you came along
slipping your fingers
into mine

Your smile
quenching my parched soul,

Your touch
soothing as cool water,

Your words
promising escape.

But only now do I see:
I was just another naive fly
in your web;

A wanderer in the desert,
and your love
just a mirage

Written for the school-level English Versification contest for the topic Mirage. Meh. Could have done better. But unfortunately, I'm not in the mood to revise, so here's the poem, in all its unpolished glory. (If the second stanza seems familiar to you, it's because I shamelessly tweaked a few lines from Fire, my previous poem.) Thoughts?


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