Friday, August 2, 2013

Poem: Omnia Vincit Amor

stolen moments in
torch-lit nights

feverish touches
amidst erratic breaths

locked glances
setting free wordless secrets

you, me:

curled up
beneath blankets of lies,
my fingertips
dancing on your spine

they call this lust!

but what do they know of
of heat,
of my heart beating
in tandem with yours?

what do they know of
of fervour,
of boiling blood
purging my soul of fear?

what do they know of
forbidden kisses
tasting sweeter?

To quote one of my cousins, "Don't get any ideas, people!"

I swear, if one more grown-up remarks snidely, "You're still reading YA and fantasy? Shouldn't you be moving on to serious stuff?" I'm going to murder them. (More on that later....)

Anyway, this poem is about my rebellion against my parents' diktat that, for every "childish book with magical claptrap" that I read, I should also read one philosophical/religious/whatever-is-deemed-serious-by-adults book. Only then would I be allowed to buy the next book of my choice.

Ha. Fat chance. I promptly enlisted the help of my friends and got them to order whichever title I wanted from various online portals, which they handed over to me at school. A Snape-worthy operation, if I say so myself.

Not at all sorry for this irreverent affair with books, however. Because it's with them that I become myself. With them, I can sob and scream and laugh and curse without inhibitions. With them, I'm brave. I'm happy. I'm at peace. I'm in love.

And it's said that "omnia vincit amor." Love conquers all. 


  1. Beautiful! I loved the poem and the write up. Thankfully, my parents were never restrictive when it came to buying me books (read: novels). The house was stocked full, books spilling from every surface. Heaven!

    1. Thank you :) Yep, any place stocked with books is heaven. No doubt there.

  2. You go book-girl! more power to you:)