Monday, May 12, 2014

Poem: Yours

They will slit my veins
searching for your blood, in vain
for I am not yours

Not in flesh, not in blood;
Nor have I known your womb’s warmth.

But let them search my soul,
and find your face etched in gold -
for I am indeed yours

Yours in being, yours in living;
Reborn in your heart’s warmth.

A delayed Mother's Day gift for my mother-in-spirit. To the nit-picking world which survives on technicalities: my best friend's mother.


  1. just beautiful!! your mother in spirit must be jubilant

  2. this is so beautiful.. :) :)

  3. My words here cannot make comments on such deep stuff...why don't you just make it easy for the rest of us - add a rating scale (+_+)

    1. The first part of your comment is in itself a comment :D That's a very helpful suggestion - might be useful for people who're too busy to comment! I'll get to work on it :)