Sunday, May 8, 2011

My First Poem

I was just sorting out all the old files in my PC when I came across this poem. It was the first one I ever wrote, back when I was in 6th standard. Reading it brought back old memories; seriously, getting into tenth standard has made me nostalgic every single day! So, anyway, here's the poem...

The Call of Nature
Nature calls you always,
Do try and listen.
She calls and calls,
She wants you to play with her.

She has trees with emerald-green leaves
And fruits and flowers to add to the beauty.
Water's there to quench a thirst 
And be a home for many lives.

Air's there for you to breathe;
And to carry the fragrances of flowers
Over distant lands;
Without air how'd you live?

Sky's where the sun, moon and stars shine
And clouds float in different shapes.
The sky changes its colour like a chameleon...
It's so wonderful to see.

Nature's waiting for your answer,
She's wishing
And hoping that you can join her.

Nature loves you so much,
So please be kind to her.
She can also be very angry,
And wreak havoc everywhere.

Nature's calling you, so
Go play with her.
Nature's waiting for your answer,
Do respond to her call.


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