Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Last Year...

Don't worry, I'm not about to die! :P

I was talking about my last year in school - I'm now officially in tenth standard! The results came yesterday, and everyone in ninth was promoted to tenth. No time for dilly-dallying, 'cuz classes start for us tomorrow, May 4th, itself.

I'm really excited, but slightly nervous as well. The prospect of being in PHSS for completing my last year in school, it's all so overwhelming. I still remember my timid, eight-year-old self who was trying to take in the new atmosphere, when I came to Presentation for the first time. To imagine that so many years have passed, so quickly... it seems to me as if someone has pressed the fast forward button.

I want to make my last year in school the best one ever. I hope I can get through this year gracefully and pass my SSLC exams with flying colours. With your prayers and support, and my hardwork, I surely can do this!


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